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If your relationship feels like it is on the rocks, but you and your partner are committed to working it out, couples therapy is for you. We will work together to improve your relationship by resolving identified conflict. To do this we will utilize a variety of interventions proven to make a difference. If you and your partner have grown apart, are fighting about finances, having frequent arguments, lacking in your love life or going through other transitions couples therapy can help. If you are committed to doing the work I am here to assist you in making the changes that will help sustain and grow your relationship.



We provide individual therapy to meet the  identified area of needs of our clients. We will work together utilizing various strategies to develop more insight into the behavioral patterns, thoughts and feelings most connected to the source of your distress. We will work on emotional regulation as we develop coping strategies to address the various stressors. If you are feeling down, anxious and overwhelmed I am here to provide support and a safe space to make changes.

Family at a Beach


In family therapy we will explore the patterns of unhealthy behaviors and communication that are negatively impacting your living environment. We will work together to resolve conflicts and reduce tension in order to create happier and healthier homes.

Child Therapist


Is your child struggling to manage the current climate? Your child may be having trouble paying attention in school, experiencing peer conflict, feeling sad or anxious as well as other struggles. In therapy we will explore the causes of the problem with the child and parents in order to help improve problem solving and coping strategies.

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